Got the honkies playing Black people, got the Black people playing the servants and assassins.


needed a recent example of cultural/historical erasure and white supremacy? here ya go.


Plutonium: The scary element that saved the crew of Apollo 13

Plutonium may be the most feared and fearsome substance in the entire periodic table.

It’s best known as the main ingredient of atomic bombs like the infamous Fat Man, dropped on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945, which killed some 70,000 people. Japan surrendered six days later, but the threat of nuclear annihilation locked the world into Cold War for decades.

Yet the story of plutonium is not all about Armageddon or the threat of it. It is also the story of an incredible voyage of discovery into an unknown world.

You’ve probably heard the quote “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” It was what Commander Jim Lovell told the Nasa command centre back on Earth in the moments after the Apollo 13 spacecraft had been rocked by an explosion.

It was April 1970, and Apollo 13 was 56 hours and 200,000 miles into its mission, mankind’s third attempt to land people on the moon.

One of the oxygen tanks had exploded, severing the spacecraft’s main power supply, and causing the temperature on board to plummet dangerously and carbon dioxide levels to rise.

Lovell and his crew had to retreat to the lunar module, which carried a suite of scientific instruments powered by a warm battery containing 8.5lb of pure plutonium.

That battery helped save the astronauts’ lives.

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Charming visualization from this altogether delightful children’s book about space – an imaginative and illuminating primer on the cosmos to spark awe in the souls of budding Sagans. 

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"Maybe we’re on Mars because of the magnificent science that can be done there - the gates of the wonder world are opening in our time. Maybe we’re on Mars because we have to be, because there’s a deep nomadic impulse built into us by the evolutionary process, we come after all, from hunter gatherers, and for 99.9% of our tenure on Earth we’ve been wanderers. And, the next place to wander to, is Mars. But whatever the reason you’re on Mars is, I’m glad you’re there. And I wish I was with you.

 Carl Sagan

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Web-based training can reduce campus rape, study concludes


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Sex, through an MRI machine

It all starts with a kiss right? :)

Humans are fascinating. Sex is fascinating. Seeing the cycle with an MRI machine is more fascinating.

This what your body is for, not enjoying ice cream, a sunset, or cat videos. It’s a copying machine that just so happens to carry a small new bit of brain called the neo(new)-cortex. It’s possible your like’s, preferences, the “you” that you think is real, is just a controller to get your body what it wants to do.

I.e. your body “created” the neo-brain software, “you” to serve it’s only and ultimate purpose.


Nice one body. NICE ONE.

"Magnetic Resonance Imaging "sees" inside the body by mapping the position of water molecules, which exist at different densities in different types of tissue. Watch the video above for a sample of some impressive MRI images of the human body in action."


"Volcanoes on Five Worlds" - Venus’ Maat Mons, Earth’s Karymsky, Mars’ Olympus Mons, Io, and Enceladus [1920x1080]


A remote camera on the LUT captures the rainy day view of the Apollo 14 launch to the moon on January 31, 1971.



With autumn on the horizon, this graphic looks at the chemicals behind the myriad colours of autumn leaves; bigger version & download here:

Apparently there are places in the world where this is starting to happen? I wouldn’t know since Austin still has the summer dial turned up to like 8.5, and our trees don’t so much “change color” as “exhaustedly whither into a brown winter dormancy as if finally exhaling after the release of soul-crushing weight.”

This color-changing thing sounds nice though, I hope to check it out sometime!

PS - “Autumnal carotenoids” would make a great indie band name.

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Texas Made Every Woman's Nightmare Totally Legal

Last week, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals voted in an 8-1 ruling to strike down a law against “upskirting.” While affirming that taking sexualized, nonconsensual pictures of women in public was “intolerable,” the court ultimately found that a woman’s right to privacy did not override a photographer’s freedom of expression — even if that expression entails taking creepy pictures.

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